Say no to drugs!

Do you trust you? I don’t trust me!

Confession time coming up. I’ve never touched drugs. I’ve never really known how to access them, but I suppose if I was keen, I’d have found a way. Truth is I’ve never been interested and my lack of interest has almost certainly been generated by the fear of being caught! My folks would have known three streets away if I’d been up to no good.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’ve been thinking about this for a little while… and I’m sure that HAD I tried them, I’d be hooked.

I am 100% all or nothing – Grace & Frankie (Netflix); ready-buttered Soreen slices; sugar-free Red Bull; cauliflower cheese; knitting; unicorns. You name it, I like it, I binge on it until I can’t take anymore and then, like my Mam says, I spoil the pleasure for myself!

My most recent addiction is events – mainly sport/adventure based events and especially those advertised via Facebook. You know the ones – those you have the option to choose ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’. And, because Facebook is so sneaky, the little algorithm keeps pushing more and more of the events that really suck me in, into my feed. I just can’t say no and it’s costing a fortune!

I’m finishing this post, fresh off my first 10k trail race – ‘Ras Dewi Sant’ (St Davids, Pembrokeshire… I spotted it on Facebook!), but I’d started writing* it last week on a run… and, since then I’ve clicked ‘Going’ on three more events and where needed, I’ve parted with the cash – one cycling and two swimming!

For now I’m justifying the events as being part of my big #Before40 thing, but if this ‘problem’ goes beyond September, I may need to start calling myself an athlete as opposed to an impulsive-nearly-40yr-old with minimal self control!

What other events do you know of that I should shout ‘YES’ to before late September 2019? C’mon, hit me when I’m high on endorphins and Deep Heat!

*Technically I was recording it, with my plan being to run it through a transcription app, but the sound of the traffic was too loud – As well as being compulsive, I’m also easily bored, but as a friend said when she heard about my running-induced boredom work-around… “I can always rely on you to come up with the most creative solution to any problem!”

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